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oh em gee

Oh man so busy, you don't even know!!


-GOT A JOB !!!! Finally. I'm working at Benny's as a cashier, which is nice because it is 5 minutes from my house, and they are awesome about scheduling. Everyone seems generally nice, and they are only open till 9 during summer and christmas time.

-End Of The Year Bash tomorrow!!!! YAY! No more freaking out about orders and decorations and invitations. Pure hell in trying to find and work with inflatables, especially when it is your first year doing it. Though it is hetic I wouldn't mind doing some sort of event during the summertime to give people a chance to relax around campus

-Getting to sleep in somewhat tomorrow. My 8am class got canceled which means I can sleep till 7:30 and be on campus for 9 to help set up.


-Driving way too much yesterday, driving to Family Pet (though on the plus side I got to pet the most adorable Great Dane) to get rabies vaccine receipt faxed to Town Hall, driving across town to have Town Hall tell me they haven't recieved any fax from Family Pet. Spending 20 minutes at Town Hall because their faxes don't work, and they are assholes (I swear its a requirement for them to be cranky as soon as you get there, and not want to get up off their ass and walk around a desk to the booth.  On top of that drove in New Bedford, to find out that my old doctor never faxed my immunization records to my new doctors, so now I have to call them, and have them fax the records to my school, so I can register for summer semester.

-Getting creeped out while getting gas. Holy shit, people are desperate for gas. While I went to go pump my gas at some random place in Westport, some random guy with a red gas container ask me for money, but of course I have no money,  and in fact spending money I shouldn't be, so I got freaked out because I was all by myself outside, and he was standing right by my car. Thankfully, I went inside and paid in there, but out of nowhere they guy walks in there as soon as I come outside, and shockingly has some cash on him to pay for some gas on his own! I even watched him as I left and he stayed at the pump as soon as he finished pumping, I guess waiting for me people to get cash out of.

-Fight with parents this weekend. Apparently, my father thinks that if I cry that I am not an adult. They also think that I don't help around the house which is a bunch of bullshit, I didn't get to clean the house this friday like

the pills ain't workin'

The past few days have been spent either wanting to punch a wall, or break down and cry . I have no money, and no fucking job. I am sick of this.

Somebody needs to remind me why I went back to college in the first place?!

test: 1,2,3



Once again...

        I am off kilter about my usual posting, but am always on lj, whats up with that?! Sitting here with a purring cat on my life, and an adorable dog to my right, I am once again pet-sitting. Man do I love my job. I get to hang out with cute animals, and get to be by myself-man I need a place of my own! So far its only for the weekend, but luckily its money in my pocket that I get to use for paying the bills. 
        Yesterday, I applied for the Conde Nast summer internship program. I really, really want this. To be able to intern for a magazine like Vogue, or Vanity Fair, would be a dream come true. I don't care if I am treated like  crap, I want the experience of working with them. Of course I have no money, but luckily that is what school loans are for. I have applied for a few jobs, but of course haven't heard back on any of them. Whatever. The funny thing about applying for the internship was that I was so positive before applying, and now that I have I am kinda thinking negatively. Looking at all the girls and guys who went to Teen Vogue University back in October, well about 95% of them seem to come from some sort of money. Plus too about three other girls, who were there were plus sized, so once again that comes into consideration for the thought of them picking someone like me. Of course I know that they have no idea when I am applying what I look like, or what my financial status is, but unfortunately, many of today's media and even fashion houses/designers make women of size seem despicable or not worthy of fashion because of their size/stature, which in affects makes it seem harder for a plus-sized person to get into the fashion industry. But Mom says that she is going to pray for me, and she is proud of me, so I need to start thinking more positive about myself as well. 
       School has been going well. I actually got a 100 on my public relations test, I haven't gotten a 100 on a test in a LONG time. Plus too the test I took in Film on Thursday, well I know I did well on that test as well. The only class I am concerned about is my Macro Economics class, because I didn't do that well on my test a couple of weeks ago, but I have been doing well on my essays and am always in class, so I think that might even out that grade. But I have to already start worrying about midterms, which means group projects and major essays. Hot damn I haven't been in school in forever, and now I have to start worrying about writing about scenes and pr issues, and even american civ issues! 
       Seeing as I have all this stress of not having a job, midterms, bills, and getting the internship, of course my first thought is-I need a vacation. I haven't been on a real vacation for awhile. Sure I went to New Orleans, but I didn't really get to do as much as I would've wanted to just because of the heat, and not really feeling the safest/most comfortable. Plus too with New Orleans, I probably would've enjoyed Bourbon Street a lot more with friends, then with my stepmother. No offense to her, but I don't really want to pass by the Hustler Club and major strip clubs with my authority figuire. I wanna go for a week back to New York, or even back to Seattle (well to actually see Seattle and not UW campus). I would even love to go back to Disneyworld, just to have some fun, which of course was my new year's resolution. 

oh man

I'm always on lj, but never signing in. I have no idea why. So many changes, so exciting!

-School: I can't believe it, but I am actually in school, in classes, participating!! It is so weird because I feel like I am so much older than the other kids in my class, but really it's more of a maturity level. Some of these kids have no idea what punctuality means, or shutting the fuck up when the teacher is speaking. But thats ok, it just puts more of a focus on me about school.

-Internships: I have been checking out a whole bunch and am going to apply to the Conde Nast Summer Intership in New York, who knows if I will get in, but I am still going to try. This time around, I am going to take more chances and see what I can get out everything.

-Job: Sill no job just yet, but things I am sure are going to look up. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just part-time, and within decent distance between home and school

Been watching movies, movies, movies, but yet dropped out on reading for some reason. I need to get back into that.

hey you

Oh man I haven't been on in forreeeevvveerrr. Lets see what is there to update:

-Started school today!! Well my first real class starts tomorrow but still, I went over to the school and now I have a student i.d. and stuff

-Saw a pretty interesting documentary called "Goth Cruise", which is exactly what it is about, goths going on a cruise. It's funny because I read an article a few years ago in Spin Magazine about a goth day at DisneyLand so it sorta reminded me of that.  The best part of the documentary is most of them thought they weren't even goth but just liked the scene.

-Saw a couple of movies, Bolt and Bedtime Stories in theatres because Wareham never seems to have any adult related movies play. Then of course watched a couple on the computer because thats all I seem to do now

-Made quite a few bucks watching Cosmo so I was happy I have a little bit of playing and gas money.


...in a while crocodile

Christmas was made of:


Got way too many gifts, a couple of surprises, and gift cards for extra Christmas gifts to buy for myself!! Still no Minnetonkas though, oh well. Maybe when I get a new job. Stressing out over scheduling for a new job and classes, have to get a waived signed so I don't have to pay my Sallie Mae which probably wont go through until next December because SM takes foreverrrrrr.

New Years, last day, still have to work, and will have no money and probably be bored! Oh well, though, no time to change what I usually do every year.

We heard you the first time

Oh man, I'm never one here anymore which stinks. I always seem to have time to read other people's entries but never time to write some of my own. Been training like crazy which is great, because I am around someone who is actually nice and smart, and doesn't seem to feed in to high school drama with middle aged women.


Christmas is coming but of course it's been coming since October when all these stores have been decked out with decorations and wrapping paper. So far I've gotten a lot of the bigger item Christmas gifts, that were the major gifts to buy for everyone, but I really don't know what else to get, and have barely bought anything. My Dad is the worst to buy for because I never know what to get, he doesn't need any sweaters because he never wears any, he doesn't need any books because he only reads newspapers and his work emails, he doesn't need dvds because he really doesn't watch movies unless there on tv. Ugh so frustrating, I feel like such a bad child for knowing what to get Mom but not him. The funny thing is though, after 22 years they are still asking me for wishlists on what I want, so maybe I shouldn't feel so bad. So pretty much I am going to be running around this Saturday buying everything in sight because I don't feel like I have enough.


Turkey day went well, though it was touch and go for a few moments, due to an undersized pan and an overtired mother. Luckily, I got everything fininshed by 2, so at least we got to eat at a decent time. It was kind of akward eating in someone else's house other than your own (my mom was dogsitting for her cousin), I never really felt like I could let my guard down because it was my place to relax and hang out and make as big of a mess as I needed to. Oh well, thankfully Christmas wont be like that.

Of course I did go shopping on Black Friday, but at 3 in the afternoon rather than those crazy fucks who go at 3 in the morning. Sorry, but no machine, game, device, or book would make me want to get up at 3am, to stand in line. Sure I stood in line for muesums and shows, but never for an actual item. Plus too knowing myself if I purchases something as expensive as say a Wii, I would never play with it. I got a Nintendo for my 8th or 9th birdthday, and after a week or two of playing it, had a really bad nightmare about it, and never played with it again. I'm sure I wont have bad nightmares about Wii, but I just couldn't pay $300-$400 on something I know I wouldn't use that much.

Anyways, I am pretty excited for Thursday to come, Bryant University is holding a PostSecret event and I need to go. I love this website and seriously want all the books for Christmas, so I am driving 45 minutes to meet Frank, and see these postcards in all their glory. I just can't wait to actually go and be around people who know of the site, and enjoy and appreciate it as much I do.

Oh man I am way too busy for this. More to come later...


Major cooking/baking in less than 24 hours. Oh man.