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Holy crap I haven't written in this thing since February, damn. So much has happened.

-School, almost over for the semester, which I am extremely happy about.  My visual merchandising class was a complete waste of time, and I learned nothing from it, except that I can get into old bitch mood very quickly when bothered.

-Got into Emerson (WAHOO), so happy and worried at the same time. I mean I am so happy I got in, but financial issues are really worrying me. I barely got any money in financial aid to help support me, and I still haven't heard anything back about the dorming situation. Which is another situation, anytime I mention to people that I will be dorming, I always get the same reaction "oh", well fuck you but I am not commuting an hour and a half everyday to get to class, I already deal with a 40 minute drive and can barely stand that. Plus too I want to leave home again, I liked living on my own (sorta), and dont feel that its that good for a person who is almost 25 to still be living at home.

-Working more and more, got two dog sitting jobs right in a row, which that money will go right into gas, and auto insurance. Sucks of course because I wont be able to save up any money really for school.  But I have been checking out other jobs, I think I need a change for the summertime, and want so more time to do fun things (i.e. summer shows, movies, hanging out with the last bit of friends that I sorta have, etc.)

-Even though I still have no money whatsoever, I really want to go on a min-vacation to somewhere close. Dad and Lu Ann went on a cruise, Mom and Tom are heading to Ireland in June, maybye I can spend a long weekend in NYC, Boston, or even Providence just to have a little fun this summer.

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