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turn it over

Currently going insane with homework, and worrying about my GPA. I feel like I am not smart enough for my Honors class. I know I am smart however, I just don't think I am smart enough for this class in particular. I am doing well (for once) in my math class, and in fact, am getting 90+ on weekly tests! I am doing well in my marketing class, though I think it helped that I took Public Relations before it, because most of the key words I already knew.

I pretty much know I will be applying to Emerson College in Boston, MA and University of Rhode Island, in Kingston, RI. I haven't visited the campus of URI, but their booklet, and website is extremely informative, and I can always visit the school after I get in, haha. I am going to visit Emerson again, but this time with my Mom on the 26th, so I hope I can sit down with an Admissions Counselor, and show my grades and what I've been doing, since I have to apply electronically.

Finished reading "The Guinea Pig Diaries" by A.J. Jacobs, funnily enough we had to write an immersion diary where we just write down exactly what we are thinking at the exact moment while doing something (reading a book, watching a movie at home, finishing work, etc.), and I mentioned in my writing about multi-tasking and how it actually is fairly inept, and how our society makes it impossible t do things one at a time. I keep checking his website in hopes that he will add Boston to his tour date, but of course no. Damn.

On the brightside Augusten Burroughs is doing a book signing late October at the Collidge Corner Theatre for his new book which is supposed ot be a collection of short stories all about Christmastime. So excited. I am trying to get my mother to go, she read " A Wolf At The Table", and it enjoyed it (and was horrified as well with most things that I read or enjoy watching).

Currently reading however, "The Heart is Deceitful of All Things" by JT Leroy, or whatever her real name is (completely forgot), and also bought at B&N "Rant" by Chuck Palahniuk. I also want to start a reading project where I try and read (if possibly) any book that has been banned in U.S. history, I already downloaded the Top 100 most popular banned books in US History, so it should be interesting to try and do.

I finally got into Teen Vogue Fashion University, two days before registration ended. So of course I can't go as I have no money, and didn't during registration time. If they had sent me the acceptance email on the date they said they were going to, September 15th, I would have actually had money to go. So sad because I wanted to experience it one more time. Oh well.

On the 2nd season of "The IT Crowd" all I have to say is British tv is so much better than American tv (i.e. The IT Crowd, Absolutely Fabulous, Skins, The Office, Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, The Graham Norton Show). I guess they tried to do an American version which I am surprised didn't work out, but would have loved to see even a pilot episode of it.

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