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all i have to do

+ Finally back home for real after two weeks of dog sitting, two weeks off from it, then a week back on. I liked the extra money but it pretty much went away once I got it. Hopefully I should have a good paycheck this Wednesday because I worked an after 5 hours filling in for someone on Monday.

+Never got a letter of declination from Boston University even though I have come to the conclusion that I didn't get in, I still would have appreciated the letter so I wouldn't have to worry . I have been checking out Emerson College, and am going to a campus visit this Friday which I am happy about. I might check out Newbury College as well that day if they ever email me back. I might check out Suffolk University and maybe Northeastern University, if I find out where it is.

+Applied for the Teen Vogue Fashion University, though I don't know how good it is going to be because the sponsors aren't as great as last year (last year: Target, Kodak, Maybelinne, Smart Water, Redken-this year: H&M, Baby Phat, Pac Sun, and Charlotte Russe). Anything to get me back in New York though. Plus too this time I might try to make contacts as I am actually in college now.

+Nothing else new, but I would like some new clothes, everything I have is overworn, and I need a pair of clean black sneakers that actually fit me.

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