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cut off

Basically I left a long ass blogroll, then forgot to finish because I was interrupted, and never got back to doing it.

Working, working, working, which equals tired all the time and feeling like a bum because I never get out of bed before 9 now. It just feels nice having a paycheck, so I can pay for all my debt/bills.

Good side though: Spring Semester GPA: 3.67 MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!! Of course I got a B in MacroEconomics because well I hate them man and didn't agree with his ideals. Other than that I was so pumped, I didn't do nearly as good at Ai, and my classes were less involved.

Bad side though: Missbehave totally died. I am so bummed, I knew once they became a "digital magazine" they would go kinda downhill, but it seems like the creator of Missbehave just let it fall apart and didn't really give a shit about the readers. There were some really kick ass female (and some male bloggers) on there, like Lesley Arfin and Baby Sinead.  It was a daily routine for me to go to their site and feel like I was living in a bit of culture rather than living in a beach town while feeling of no way out.

Still haven't heard from BU, but I also haven't checked the mail in two days, but man I really need to get in. Its become less about wanting to get in, and now needing to get in.

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