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Wow it's been October since I've written in this thing, I feel like I should add so much more. I read up to 20 blogs a day, yet never write for my own. I want to change that, I think it would be more cathartic to write, then just keep everything bottled up. Plus too I want to start photographing more, there are so many great bloggers out there with amazing photography, and though I don't think I would be amazing at it, I think it would be more interesting to have or to look at on a blog.  A couple of things have happened since October:

1. Thanksgiving-This year I cooked a 17lb. turkey all by myself and of course the fixings. I've always cooked smaller birds because its always been my Mom, Granma, and I, but this year we had Tom, and Mom's friends (Ginnie and Peter) over, so we of course needed a larger bird.

2. Finals-HECTIC, HECTIC, HECTIC. I think my brain went on overload, but I did a lot better than I thought I would. 3 B+, and 1 B. My Marketing project didn't go as well as I would have hoped because most of my group members didn't actually look at the project, or read the essay beforehand, so they would know what to say. French I got a B+ in, which really surprised me because I can't speak or write a lick of French even after taking 4 months of it. Honors went semi-well, I did get a B+ in it, but I don't think I would join the Honors Curriculum, too much to handle. My Honors Final Project though did go well, I was really surprised and felt that my project went well (both my teacher and peers said stuff to me individually about how well it went).

3. URI- Still waiting to hear back, and it better be soon. I need to get out, and start experiencing things at a real school, sure community college is a real school, but nothing is really last longs (i.e. groups, activities), and socializing is really hard when you have to spend 45 minutes just getting to class in the first place. I really want to get into URI, I want to live on my own again (sure I will be living in a single dorm, but I don't mind, I need to be around people my own age), I want to study abroad, I want to be apart of a really great internship (Conde Nast Summer Internship here I come!!), I want to join clubs/organizations. I just want to belong.

4. Dog sitting- I spent a week up in Norton watching th dogs, or should I say dog. Sadly they had to put one of their dogs down, so only one is left. It was weird only having to take care of one, as opposed to two.

5. Christmas- Went well this year, and was really nice, I got a lot of great stuff (especially gift cards, thank god for those), but would have love to have been able to buy more presents this year. I really feel like I didn't get people enough stuff, and would have liked to have bought more. Of course going from a job where I worked full-time and made $13/hour- a part-time job where I only make $8.50/hour does make a difference.

6. New Year's- Watched a lot of random television, especially the next day when my Mom and I decided to spend watching a couple of hours watching Animal Planet's "Dogs 101" and "Cats 101".  So far I've decided to that my resolution would not be to loose weight, or stop drinking soda so much, but to like myself a little more this year. I want my self-confidence to grow into something other than nothing, I want to find the positives in body and face, rather than the negatives. Thank God for V magazine doing two seperate plus sized photoshoots, to make me feel more confidant that I can be beautiful at a size 18. I am also thankful for blogs like Musings of a Fatshionista, and Young, Fat, and Fabulous-they make me wanna dress better, and be more happy with my curves.

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